Getting started with your KIKI Pure A1

The KIKI A1 Mini HEPA Air Purifier is a truly lightweight, portable, and affordable air purifier to keep you protected from harmful allergens and pollutants, wherever you may be. Connect the device to a power source using the USB-C cable included for use in the car, at your desk, or by your bedside.

In the box

The KIKI Pure A1 comes with one USB-C power cable, a user manual, and a HEPA 12 filter.

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Using your KIKI Pure A1

Using your KIKI is as easy as 1-2-3! The KIKI A1 Mini does not contain an internal battery so it requires being plugged into a standard USB socket using the USB-C cable provided, or even a  power bank.

Press the ON/OFF button on the top of the unit. Wait for the indicator lights to appear on the top of the unit. Press again to switch the lights off at night, and once more to turn off the unit.

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Care and maintenance / changing your filter

It's important to make sure you change your HEPA filter at least once every six month. For more information take a look at "Your HEPA filter and how often you should replace it".
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