Frequently asked questions about your KIKI Pure A1

The KIKI A1 Mini HEPA Air Purifier is a truly lightweight, portable, and affordable air purifier to keep you protected from harmful allergens and pollutants, wherever you may be. Connect the device to a power source using the USB-C cable included for use in the car, at your desk, or by your bedside.

Check our Getting started with your KIKI Pure A1 for details of how to get your device up and running and how to change the filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What type of filter does the KIKI Pure A1 contain? The KIKI Pure A1 contains a H12 HEPA filter with activated carbon, making it 91.67% efficient at filtering out harmful allergens, pollen, and air pollutants that are around you. Ideal for bedrooms, home offices, and small rooms.
Does the KIKI Pure A1 have a battery. No, the KIKI Pure A1 does not have an internal battery, It needs to be powered using a USB-C cable, but can be connected to any 2W, 5V power source.
How much square footage does the portable KIKI Pure A1 cover? Our A1 Mini Air Purifier coverage area is up to 100 square feet.
What is the Clean Air Delivery Rate of the KIKI Pure A1? The KIKI Pure A1 Clean Air Delivery Rate is 4.5 cubic feet per minute
How loud is the KIKI Pure A1? Operating at a whisper-quiet 18dB, the KIKI Pure A1 is so quiet that you won't even notice it efficiently operating in the background while you work at your desk or fall asleep with it by your bedside.
Where may I find a copy of the user manual for the KIKI Pure A1? Your user guide is included in the your box, however we have also attached it to this article for your reference.

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