Frequently asked questions about your KIKI Pure Pro

The KIKI Pure Pro is compact and quiet. The unit DOESN'T REQUIRE REPLACEMENT FILTERS. Attach the cup holder accessory for use in the car, charge the device with the USB-C cable included, and have up to 4 hours of battery-powered use. Its real-time air quality sensor will keep you informed of the quality of the air around you.

Check our Getting started with your KIKI Pure Pro for details of how to get your device up and running and how to change the filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What type of filter does the KIKI Pure PRO contain? The KIKI Pure PRO DOES NOT REQUIRE REPLACEMENT FILTERS. The Pro uses Ionizer technology to remove harmful particulate matter from the air AND UV sterilization as the air is discharged from the unit.
With no filter to change, how long will this product last? The life of the KIKI Pure PRO UVC LED is 10,000 hours, approximately 3 years.
How much square footage does the portable KIKI Pure PRO cover? Our KIKI Pure PRO covers up to 150 sq. ft.
What is the Clean Air Delivery Rate of the KIKI Pure PRO? The KIKI Pure Pro Clean Air Delivery Rate is 6.3 cubic feet per minute.
How loud is the KIKI Pure PRO? The KIKI Pure PRO comes with two fan speeds that never exceed 50dB.
Where may I find a copy of the user manual for the KIKI Pure PRO? Your user guide is included in the your box, however we have also attached it to this article for your reference.

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