Getting started with your KIKI Pure Pro

The KIKI Pure Pro is compact and quiet. The unit DOESN'T REQUIRE REPLACEMENT FILTERS. Attach the cup holder accessory for use in the car, charge the device with the USB-C cable included, and have up to 4 hours of battery-powered use. Its real-time air quality sensor will keep you informed of the quality of the air around you.

In the box

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Using your KIKI Pure Pro

Make sure you have fully charged your air purifier, before using it for the first time. Connect the USB cable included into the Type C USB slot on the back of your device to begin charging. Make sure the power source is 5V-1A. The batter indicator on the top of your air purifier will indicate when your device is fully charged and ready to be used.

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Once fully charged, your air purifier will provide you with up to 4 hours of continuous usage before needing to be recharged.

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Press the power button on the top of the device to switch it on. You'll see the air quality sensor light up on the top. A second short press will switch the air purifier into high speed mode. A final press will switch it off.

What do the different color lights indicate?

Your Air Purifier comes equipped with an air quality sensor which displays the quality of the air around you through the display on the top of the device. When the sensor detects any particulate matter in the air, the number displayed will increase and the color of the LEDs around the air outlet will change color.

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Attaching the in-car cup holder accessory

Your air purifier includes and easy to use cup holder attachment.
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Insert the attachment into the base of your air purifier to extend the unit so that it fits into your car's cup holder. To remove the cup holder accessory, press on the release and slip the accessory off the base of the device.

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