KIKI Pure A2 Specifications & Documentation

Product Specifications

Gift Box Dimensions 2.62” (L) x 2.62” (W) x 6.07” (H)
Product Dimensions 2.68 (D) x 5.59” (h)
Weight 0.69lbs (Battery 0.099lbs)
Filter / Efficacy H13 HEPA with activated carbon 99.96% efficacy - Lab Certified
Coverage Up to 150 square feet
Power USB-C, 1800mAh battery, 5V=2A
Clean Air Delivery Rate 6.0 cfm
Noise Output <40dB
Operation Touch
Other Features UVC Sterilization LEDs
Box Contents x1 KIKI Pure A2Air Purifier
x1 USB Type A to C cable
x1 KIKI Pure A2 Filter (pre-installed)
Quick Start Guide
Language EN, FR, ES - User Guides
EN, FR - Gift Box
Certifications CE Certification: TST20230170033-2EC
FCC Certification: TST20230170033-4SC
RoHS Certification: TST20230170033-3RC
IC Certification: TST20230170033-1EC
Prop65: TST20230170033-6EN
CARB Certification: G-23-109
WERCS Certification: YES
EPA Establishment Number: 97547-CHN-1

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