Getting started with your KIKI Pure A2

Featuring true HEPA 13 technology and standing less than 6inches tall, The KIKI Pure A2 is 99.9% effective in spaces up to 150 square ft. with a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 6 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CADR = 6cfm)/
Its sleek aluminum circular design makes it perfect for your car's cup holder and because is small and lightweight, it's easy to take with you wherever you go. Available in three colors - Graphite Grey, Rose Gold, Silver.
This device has an in-built battery which fully charges in less than three hours and gives you up to 12hours of usage.
Additional sterilization is provided using Ultraviolet lighting as the air leaves the device.

In the box

The KIKI Pure A2 comes with one USB-C power cable, a user manual, and a HEPA 13 filter preinstalled.

Using your KIKI Pure A2

Charging your Device Powering your device on and off
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Care and maintenance / changing your filter

It's important to make sure you change your HEPA filter at least once every six month. For more information take a look at "Your HEPA filter and how often you should replace it".

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